Adventure park & wild water adventures

Rush of adrenalin

„Adrenaline X-treme Adventures“


The adventure park „Adrenaline X-treme Adventures“ in South Tyrol includes a zip line, Segway Park and a Snowtubing run.

Europe's longest zip line is a parcours made up of ropes and platforms with a total length of three kilometers. Most of the time you will be gliding through mid-air, safely secured by ropes. On altitudes of more than 100 meters above the ground you will float from one tree to another, with a total difference in altitude of 400 meters from start to finish. The zip line is available in summer and winter.

If, however, you prefer to stay on the ground, you should visit the Segway Park. Here you can rent the Segway vehicles, modern new tools which are steered solely by shifting balance from side to side. In summer, you can use the vehicles to explore the nearby hiking trails, and in winter a dedicated snow park for Segways awaits.

The offer is completed by a snow tubing run. Here you can float over the snow in rubber tires. A fun event for all age groups!

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Rafting & Canyoning


Rafting and canyoning are a great way of getting very close to the powers of nature and water. Take adventurous rides in magical gorges and on wild rivers. Try this truly unforgettable nature experience together with friends, colleagues or family. Rafting and canyoning trips in South Tyrol can be booked from May to October.


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Kreativ Raft
Rafting, Kayaking
Tel. +39 320 3665622



Club Activ
Brunico/Campo Tures
Rafting, Canyoning, Kayaking, Hydrospeed
Tel. +39 0474 678422



Gais/Villa Ottone
Rafting, Canyoning, Kayaking
Tel. +39 347 4428020



Yeti Adventures
Brunico/Campo Tures
Canyoning, Rock running, Abseilen
Tel. +39 329 7650088