Tradition and generation

Hosts by vocation

Here in the valleys of the Dolomites, the Ladin language and culture has survived for many thousands of years. San Vigilio/St. Vigil is also known as "Al Plan de Mareo“ in traditional language. In the South Tyrolean Dolomites, in addition to the two official languages German and Italian, Ladin is still spoken by an estimated 18,000 inhabitants.

Hotel Corona is the most traditional restaurant in San Vigilio/St. Vigil. Built in 1505 by the knight Giovanni da Ras, the house was used for a long time as administrative headquarters of the nearby farms. Since 1772, it has been known as a traditional inn full of hospitality.


From a simple inn, the building has been transformed into a modern wellness hotel where people like to spend their holiday, and are fascinated by the Dolomites. The house now radiates peace and power. Some of the rooms still remind us of old times, like the lounge “Ritterstube” with its open fireplace, or the salon with pine wood panelling and antique lampshades. The wood-panelled restaurant with its tiled stove. Today, a number of crystals fit skilfully into the ambience.


It has been owned by our family for more than 100 years and today is run by the 7th generation of our family.




the chief of the house – is a passionate host. He was born and raised in this house, loves the mountains and is an enthusiastic motor biker.



the hostess – is a trained crystal healer according to Michael Gienger, a gem-balance practitioner according to Monika Grundmann, a Shaolin Qigong instructor, trained in bio-energetic regulation therapy according to Körbler. Her biggest passion is home-made patisserie.


their daughter – is currently still in school taking an arts and education course, about which she is very passionate; she spends most of her time in the mountains with her beloved horse.


the senior hostess – is 95 years old, and still interested in what happens around the house.


our house cat – is a happy wanderer and therefore well known around our village.