Our philosophy

The magic of crystals

For many years now our staff here at Crystal Hotel Corona have been enchanted by the magic of precious stones.


Our fascination with such stones started as part of a nice little family story. When our little daughter Catarina started to grow her first teeth, a friend of the family gave her an amber necklace with the promise that this would alleviate her pain. We thought at least it couldn't do any harm and didn't think much more about it. However, to our great astonishment our daughter felt no pain at all during this often painful period for a child.

We became curious and began to carry out some investigation into the topic of crystals and precious stones. This is how it all started - since then, the healing powers of stones have played a vital part in our lives.


At Hotel Corona, we want to share our knowledge about such things with our guests. Our goal is to bring this fascinating topic closer to you. Therefore, crystals can be found on your rooms and are used during wellness treatments at Hotel Corona.


Come here and discover the magical powers of crystals for yourself!


Inhibits pain, eases tensions and acts as protection against stress.

Superior Room Selenite

Rose Quartz

Mentally enhances heart strength, the ability to love, sensitiveness and a harmonious living.

Suite Rose Quartz


Promotes harmony, pleasant dreams, protects from danger and gives a feeling of protection and security.

Comfort Room Agate


Builds friendships, higher knowledge and spiritual power and ensures harmony.

Suite Tormaline

Mountain crystal

Delivers energy and releases tensions and obstructions.

Suite Mountain crystal


Radiates a long-term calming sensation and promotes inner peace.

Suite Amethyst


The "Stone of Truth" helps to accept criticism and to share, supports the desire for love, security and warmth and promotes sleep.

Superior Lapislazzuli




Helps with major changes and strengthens resilience, endurance and stamina, even in seemingly hopeless situations.

Suite Granat



Salt crystal

Salt purifies the atmosphere of a room, lifts the mood and has an encouraging effect. It helps dissolve limited thought and behaviour patterns.

Comfort Room Salt crystal