Tradition and generation

Hosts by vocation

Here in the valleys of the Dolomites, the Ladin language and culture has survived for many thousands of years. San Vigilio/St. Vigil is also known as "Al Plan de Mareo“ in traditional language. In the South Tyrolean Dolomites, in addition to the two official languages German and Italian, Ladin is still spoken by an estimated 18,000 inhabitants.

Hotel Corona is the most traditional restaurant in San Vigilio/St. Vigil. Built in 1505 by the knight Giovanni da Ras, the house was used for a long time as administrative headquarters of the nearby farms. Since 1772, it has been known as a traditional inn full of hospitality.


From a simple inn, the building has been transformed into a modern wellness hotel where people like to spend their holiday, and are fascinated by the Dolomites. The house now radiates peace and power. Some of the rooms still remind us of old times, like the lounge “Ritterstube” with its open fireplace, or the salon with pine wood panelling and antique lampshades. The wood-panelled restaurant with its tiled stove. Today, a number of crystals fit skilfully into the ambience.


It has been owned by our family for more than 100 years and today is run by the 7th generation of our family.


Robert Frenner

Charismatic innkeeper
He was born between the walls of the Corona and grew up there. He is a nature lover, loves his mountains, is an enthusiastic motorcyclist and has in-depth knowledge of crystals & precious stones. Direct contact and actively taking care of guests are very important for him. As a professional hotelier, as well as an expert advisor, he is always able to excite his guests about something new!

FAVOURITE PHRASE: "This only happens to us during our first 100 years of life."
This is his way of consoling himself, and others, if sometimes things go wrong.

Rosmary Frenner

Passionate innkeeper & patissiere
Trained in crystal healing according to Michael Gienger, in gemstone balance according to Monika Grundmann, bio-energetic regulation therapy according to Körbler and Shaoling Qi Gong trainers. Her knowledge & enthusiasm for crystals & precious stones can be felt all over the house. Her great passion is her in-house patisserie, where she makes the finest delicacies every day, such as cakes, pies and dessert, which conjure up a smile on the faces of her house guests as well as her daily guests.

FAVOURITE PHRASE: "Never too old…"
This means that you are never too old to start something new…

Catarina Frenner

Daughter of the owners & horse lover
Just like her parents, Catarina is a nature lover. She loves nature and animals. As a fascinated rider and horse lover, she takes devoted care of her horses. She is currently going to art school. Her objective is to be able to contribute her passions and artistic abilities at home.


Sonaj the cat our house cat

he loves to roam about and is therefore known all through the village …

Did you know...


Old Ritterstube (knight’s parlour) with fireplace: this is where the kitchen was once located, and the fireplace was once an open hearth, also the arches date back to these times.


The wood panelling in the “Stöa”, the Ladin name for parlour are mainly original – as are the lamps, which were originally supplied by an artist, who used them to pay his bill. Also the panelling in the restaurant is still original. They once decorated the rooms, but were removed in the 1950s when the old house was provided with heating and running water. For many years, the panels were stored and then installed in the restaurant in 1995 during the renovation.


The dolomite wall in the staircase – it was the original exterior wall of the house and was exposed in 2005 when the wellness area was built.


The Corona is the guest house in St. Vigil with the most history. In 1505, the house was built by the knight Giovanni da Ras and was used as the local court for a long time for the surrounding estates. The antique wall made of dolomite rock in the staircase as well as in the “knight's parlour” with its arches and the open fireplace are witnesses to this time. The house has stood as a popular meeting point for friendly hospitality since 1774. Our family has owned the Corona for more than 100 years where we are, it can be said, innkeepers by vocation – we are now the 7th generation.