Our philosophy

The magic of crystals

For many years now our staff here at Crystal Hotel Corona have been enchanted by the magic of precious stones.


Our fascination with such stones started as part of a nice little family story. When our little daughter Catarina started to grow her first teeth, a friend of the family gave her an amber necklace with the promise that this would alleviate her pain. We thought at least it couldn't do any harm and didn't think much more about it. However, to our great astonishment our daughter felt no pain at all during this often painful period for a child.

We became curious and began to carry out some investigation into the topic of crystals and precious stones. This is how it all started - since then, the healing powers of stones have played a vital part in our lives.


At Hotel Corona, we want to share our knowledge about such things with our guests. Our goal is to bring this fascinating topic closer to you. Therefore, crystals can be found on your rooms and are used during wellness treatments at Hotel Corona.


Come here and discover the magical powers of crystals for yourself!


Robert has acquired a large amount of knowledge as a result of his daily life with crystals



Rosmary is a trained crystal healer according to Michael Gienger, a gem-balance practitioner according to Monika Grundmann, a Shaolin Qigong instructor, trained in bio-energetic regulation therapy according to Körbler.

Manuela - Beauty expert:

Our Spa manager has received a lot of training in crystal massages according to Silvia Morselli, gemstone balance and amber according to Monika Grundmann.


The hotel’s most important crystals:

All hotel rooms are assigned a crystal, which you will also find in the room. Here you will learn more about the effects of the individual crystals.


The name of this usually opaque, colourless stone comes from the Ancient Greek word for world, selene. A special type of this crystal is the sand rose. Selenite should increase the ability to concentrate and provides good protection in situations of stress.

Superior Room Selenite

Rose Quartz

This quartz variant is characterised by its rose colour, the crystal usually ranges between milky and translucent. Rose quartz has always been considered a symbol of love and fertility. In alternative medicine, it is used to strengthen all organs near the heart and promote serenity. In addition, it should neutralise harmful radiation such as electrosmog

Suite Rose Quartz


Agate can be found in almost every colour and usually has a striped pattern. Already in ancient times, they were used to make amulets and lucky charms. Agate promotes harmony, provides for inner balance and should have a positive effect on pregnant women.

Comfort Room Agate


This precious stone can be found in all the colours of the rainbow. Depending on the angle of view, tourmaline changes colour often. Tourmaline should stimulate the ability to communicate, create friendships and help achieve harmony. According to Arab tradition, tourmaline is the stone of the sun that strengthens the heart and ensures pleasant dreams.

Suite Tormaline

Mountain crystal

Ancient Greeks thought mountain crystal was eternally frozen ice. It consists of pure, crystal clear quartz. Mountain crystal should eliminate mental barriers and provide a sense of clarity and balance. It also cleans the air, transmits and intensifies vibrations.…

Suite Mountain crystal


The name of this purple crystal is derived from the ancient Greek word for “sober”. A clear effect is attributed to it. It should promote friendship and create trust. For decades, it was considered the stone of bishops and cardinals and can often be found in Christian jewellery.

Suite Amethyst


Due to its ultramarine blue colour, they have been sought-after since ancient times. Pharaohs had their sacrcophagi decorated with them. Later, painters such as Giotto used lapislazzuli to obtain the intensive blue colour for their frescoes. Lapislazzuli should protect against harm, promote sleep and regulate blood pressure.

Superior Lapislazzuli



Garnats shine in a wide range of red tones, they are can be found rarely also in green or yellow. This crystal should strengthen resilience and stamina, provide support during periods of change and help eliminate feelings of melancholy. Since the Middle Ages, it has been considered the stone of heroes

Suite Granat


Salt crystal

Salt crystals are salts in crystal form, which means that the molecules are arranged evenly. The red colour that can often be found results from a certain iron content. Salt crystals are said to absorb electric charge and therefore create a radiation-free atmosphere.


Comfort Room Salt crystal


Did you know...


The giant crystals (guardians) in front of the house and in the house: The two rock crystals in the entrance area are the guardians of the house, they provide us and our guests with good energy and protect us



Some history about the dolomite in the swimming pool, as it was built: The 15 meter long pool is nuzzled in the dolomite grotto, which is fully lined with rock and crystals. The hotel pool is a glistening mountain lake in the dolomites, recreated and lined with natural granite and silver quartz rock.  We intentionally used local stone for our wellness area, once we knew about their vibrations. Granite isolates earth radiation, silver quartz is antibiotic, has a very high insulation factor and dolomite is good for the circulation and heart. And as we already live in the Dolomites, we wanted to integrate this wonderful landscape, on a small scale, also in our house.


The large crystals in the house, for example: the honey calcite in the dining room. It is said that honey calcite promotes digestion and therefore increases the digestibility of food.