Marvelous swimming fun in the natural stone pool

Swimming & relaxing

In the hotel's indoor pool you can enjoy carefree wellness at a temperature of 33 degrees. The pool has a length of 15 meters and leads into the Dolomites grotto which is built with rocks and crystals. The hotel pool is designed to resemble a splendid mountain lake in the Dolomites and built with natural granite and silver quartz.  With a modest depth of 1.40 meters, it is also suitable for non-swimmers.

In a side grotto, you can find complete relaxation in the massage whirlpool. Mountain crystals provide a positive atmosphere which helps relax your muscles.

Separate from the bigger pool, a small children's pool offers space for your kids to enjoy their own bathing fun.

In summer, the panoramic glass windows let in lots of light, and the beautiful tanning lawns of the hotel are a great place to tan and relax.