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Crystals as therapy

Wellness & magic of the crystals

Guests will discover the incredible world of crystals in all its splendour at the Wellness Hotel Corona in San Vigilio in Enneberg. The rooms feature crystals and precious stones, two large rock crystals at the entrance area are the guardians of the hotel, a honey calcite stands in the dining room and many Dolomite stones and native natural stones line the entire spa area. In addition to relaxation, wellness and exciting outdoor activities, Hotel Corona also offers unique crystal therapy.


The power of crystals

Wellbeing & relaxation

Crystals are fascinating objects, refracting light and transmitting energies. This creates a high level of well-being, which is further enhanced by recreation on holiday. Surrounded by the mountains and in a stunning landscape, the wellness hotel is centrally located, affording a unique experience both in summer and winter.

The Dolomites are made up of sedimentary rocks, with a high presence of dolomite, fossilised coral reefs and minerals. The Dolomite stones have been deposited in the earth for centuries and are vital stores of energy, which is emitted in a special way.

Wellness & SPA

The Dolomites in South Tyrol

UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Dolomites are part of the UNECSO World Heritage Site and with the most famous mountain massifs, are an enchanting presence in the South Tyrol region. These include the "Three Peaks", the Fanes Group, the Sciliar or the Sella massif. The name of this mountain range goes back to the French geologist Déodat Dolomieu, who conducted an intensive study of the rocks there, which were named after him. 


The power of gemstones

Pure Wellness

Forming over thousands of years deep in the earth, gemstones have a very special energy. This elemental power can be harnessed for your well-being. You can expect numerous spa treatments and the new and exclusive ritual from the Dolomites "The Magic of Fanes" in our spa & wellness area.

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