À la carte Desserts

Finest Patisserie

We are particularly proud of our in-house patisserie: our hotel’s boss Rosmary conjures up the finest cakes and desserts for the guests of the Corona. And while the little works of art are a pleasure for the eye, tender-melting chocolate mousses, the finest cream puffs and the fruitiest slices of cake are a delight for the palate.

The sweet temptations begin at breakfast and culminate in the afternoon snack. Not only the Apfelstrudel warrants a guilty indulgence! Our homemade cakes have made a name for themselves beyond our hotel.

The cakes and desserts owe their appealing appearance and refined taste at least in part to the choice ingredients used. We process only natural products, consciously reduce sugar and our fillings are made with, amongst other things, our homemade marmalades.

We would be delighted to prepare your favorite cakes! Our range includes a variety of gluten- and lactose-free cakes, and we are happy to bake vegan recipes on request.

Rosmary became a patissière by coincidence. After 80 eggs were left over on one spring day after season closing, she started to bake marble cakes. And, following that, she poured ever more effort into the art of sweet cuisine. Thus, 80 eggs evolved into a passion.


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Rosmary’s absolute secret tip: Corona’s fruit dream with vanilla cream Bignes und a cassis-mascarpone filling.