The power of crystals

Sauna & Steam Bath

The sauna world at Wellness Hotel Corona is a real oasis of calm and relaxation. All offers are designed to make the most of the powers and healthy effects of mountain stones.

The "La Raiëta“ crystal sauna is the highlight of the sauna facilities at Wellness Hotel Corona. It is built entirely with rose quartz and mountain crystals. The soft, bright red colors and their positive effects on the heart mean that rose quartz has become a symbol of love and fertility. It is also said to absorb negative radiation and protect the body. "Raiëta“ is the Ladin translation for "ray stones". According to a well-known folklore tail in the Dolomites, the Raiëta was a magical stone which the young hero Ey-de-Net had recaptured from an evil wizard. When Ey-de-Net placed the magical stone in the bed of young Princess Dolasilla, who was under his care, she immediately stopped crying. Legend has it that the Raiëta was a thing of such stunning beauty that she created the most wonderful dreams and even made people hear music when they were near it. When the Fanis king got hold of the Raiëta, he had a tiara made from it, which he placed on his daughter Dolasilla's head after a successful battle. The location of this event was the main square which today is named after the stone.

A variety of facilities make sure hotel guests can enjoy a wonderful sauna treatment at our wellness hotel


  •     „Stöela dal cavaliers“ – Finnish sauna at 85°C and 15 % humidity

  •     „Stöela de vignön“ – bio sauna at 55°C and 55 % humidity

  •     infrared booth for complete relaxation

  •     „Ander dal Sé“ – brine grotto with healthy salty mist

  •     sodalite bench for a quiet break

  •     Kneipp pool for fresh legs and better flood flow

  •     exotic, surprising adventure showers

  •     drinking fountain with Gander water, tea bar and reading lounge

  •     relaxation area with views of the garden